The Causes Of the emerging Trend of solar Panels assistance inside Florida, united States?

Florida Solar Panels

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Florida Board of Education adopts concordant test scores, adds PSAT to the list The Florida Board of Education meets in Pinellas County on May 16, 2018. [Jeffrey S. Solochek | Times] Despite concerns raised by educators and students, the Florida Board of Education on Wednesday adopted a new set of scores teens can use to replace their Algebra I and language arts high school graduation requirements. The board also changed the tests available to use as alternates to the state exams. Staff had recommended eliminating the use of the PERT exam, which experts said did not align with state graduation standards. Board members said they did not like the idea of "squeezing opportunities," especially low-cost ones that many "fragile" groups use to earn a diploma. Some districts projected massive declines in their graduation rates, particularly among minority students, if the rule would be adopted as written. Board member Michael Olenick shared that view. He said he worried about the "significant disproportionate graduation rates moving forward" if the alternative tests were changed, especially the elimination of PERT. He and others liked the idea presented by Seminole County schools assessment director Kelly Thompson of allowing students to use a PSAT math score as another option.

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Florida Solar Panels

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